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Welcome to Global MRO

Who we are

The Team at Global MRO consists of professionals in the fields of Strategic Global Purchasing , Negotiations and Commodity Knowledge . Our Goal is to help your small or medium size company , take costs out of the supply channel by giving you access to our Global Manufacturer Database thru our Groups huge Purchasing Power .

Our reason for Being

What we do

In today’s North American Market , it is obvious that the BIG BOX Stores have a huge price advantage over Independent owned distributors and retailers .

Their buying power enables them to source their commodities world wide , often directly from producing factories in Asia .

In 2010 , the Big Boxes have managed to outsource more than 50% of their MRO purchases , leaving smaller players , with no choice to continue purchasing thru local importers , and loosing year after year a part of their Market Shares.

Being a Member of Global MRO , enables you to join hundreds of companies like you , putting their purchasing volume together , to access the same Factories as the Large Players thus giving you back the competitive advantage to grow your business and gain Market shares .

Global MRO Members have access to hundred’s of Accredited and Audited Factories in the Asia Pacific region , Delivering an incredible source for all procurement needs .