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Sourcing Services

Global MRO Sourcing Services , are designed to help your company lower its Commodities acquisition costs thru direct outsourcing , group buy’s and efficient logistics . Your account Manager will design a strategic solution based on your business model and expectations , and will demonstrate the infinite opportunities that arise from today’s Global Markets .

Commodity Spend Analysis

Our Annalists can do a complete evaluation of your commodities purchase practices , and guide you on possible cost savings thru strategic purchasing .

Strategic Purchasing Assessment

Commodities identified as high potential savings thru outsourcing will be assessed to determine the best way to drive the procurement thru Direct Import program or Group Buy’s Programs

Product Integration via active Group Programs

If a Direct Import Program is not possible for a particular commodity , you may be eligible to participate in our Group Buy’s . Your Account Manager will advise you on the ideal scenario that fits your purchasing power and Logistics.

‘’ A la carte ‘’ Overseas Services

An extensive list of ‘’ A la Carte ‘’ services are available to our Members . If your company is already purchasing from overseas , and need Audit , Quality Control or Logistics Services , Our Specialist are available to meet your specific need .